What Lens for Product Photography

That comes through in their product descriptions, photos. They own one main camera, a few lenses, and perhaps a drone, a Go-Pro and some audio gear. They want to make some extra cash, and renting.

My Most-Used Product Photography Lens. Very helpful is that this is an image stabilized lens. While the studio strobes are fast enough to stop any camera motion, image stabilization greatly aids in subject framing. The 70-200 f/4L IS is a very useful lens for other purposes, including landscape photography.

Well in this video I reveal the lens that I have been using for about a ten year span in doing small product photography, especially jewelry. This lens is the Nikon 28-105mm lens.

The real top priority in product photography is not the camera or any individual lens, it’s the lighting. good lighting paints the picture, directs the eye to where you want attention without being obvious.

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Product photography ranges the gamut from cereal boxes and billboards, to the photos you see on Amazon and every other online retailer.

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It works very well for product photography.I recently invested in a prime macro lens. Which actually serves as a great portrait lens and a great product lens due to its macro ability. I have a Tamron 90mm Macro for my Canon 40D which works great.

See why choosing the best camera and lenses for food photography can really make a serious difference when taking delicious pictures of.

When Marc Barros launched his lenses for phones photography idea, he wasn’t sure people would. "You see these amazing images that are like, ‘wow, they shot that with the product?’ That definitely.

Product supported on glass for no shadows. (shot of the Nikon 300mm F/2.8 ED-IF setup made with fisheye lens and Hemi plugin ) THis setup shown wasn’t very good because the leopard-print and yellow towels kicked yellow and orange onto the product.

Finding the best lens for product photography is all about knowing what kind of products you’re going to be shooting. I’ve shot small products such as wedding rings, cuff links and bow ties, and large products up to floor cushions.