What Dpi Should I Use for Web Design

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DPI stands for ‘dots per inch’. Broadly, the higher the DPI, the more information there is in an image, so the more detail you can see and the crisper it looks. Think of it this way: if you were constructing a photo on a wall using coloured tiles which were each an inch square, your image would have a resolution of 1dpi,

Once you have a general idea for the image size, look at the DPI Guide to. When creating images for web use, keeping the file size low is very important. To achieve this, format and compression levels must be taken into.

DPI means dots per inch. The term was developed as a method to explain printing quality and resolution. When an image is printed, it is made up of hundreds of thousands of tiny dots that are overlaid with each ink color. The inks mix in each dot to form a wide spectrum of visible color.

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Should I be downloading 72 dpi or 300 dpi images for my website? What’s the advantage/disadvantage for each? If the web becomes "HD" in the future, won’t it be worth it to have the 300 dpi images? But at the same time, 72 dpi will allow for faster download speeds on my web page right? Or do I have no clue what I’m talking about, lol?

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Any photo with pixel dimensions small enough to display on the web would be too small for anyone to download and print a good quality version at a useful size, so with all these reasons in mind, if your photo will only be viewed on screen, whether it’s on the web, in an email, or whatever the case may be, there is simply no logical reason why you would need to set its resolution to 72 ppi in Photoshop.

Building web apps is hard, and higher pixel densities can add a lot of. Designers and developers now must think very creatively on the best way to. work on all the browsers your customers use, and how well does it work?

If you're a designer or photographer, you have most likely seen PPI used when exporting or designing for web. PPI, or pixels per inch, deals.