How to Shoot Product Photography

However, because the majority of product photography these days is digital, everything in this article will relate to utilizing your digital camera. In digital photography, the ISO setting on your camera controls the light sensitivity of your camera’s image sensor.

Amateur-looking product shots erode consumers’ trust and could send them fleeing. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend $10,000 on equipment or hire a professional to create beautiful product photography that will instill faith in your online store and get results.

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Take pictures of your product next to an item that will help people relate to it in real life. For example, if you take a picture of a watch, show it on someone’s wrist. If you are selling a coffee table book, take a shot of the opened book on an actual table with a small fruit bowl next to it.

How to Shoot Product Photography – Steps Know your camera and read the instruction book. Learn how to use lighting for the best effect. Build and use a light box for small objects. assemble the box consisting of a back, top, 2 sides and a bottom by using gaffer’s tape along. Place your object.

Basic Product Photography Equipment and process 1. set up your background and product. Getting the right background is worth the effort, 2. Get your lighting right. If there is one deciding factor that defines the quality of your images, 3. Use a tripod. Tripods bring consistency, stability,

Product photography is all about the branding of the product. People want to see what’s inside, so for me to take a product shot of ie: nuts and you can’t see it through the packaging will not make the consumer buy the product.

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The trick to getting these kinds of product shots easily and reliably is to use a light tent. This article will cover the fundamentals of shooting with a light tent to help you capture bright, high quality product photographs every time.

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