How to Shoot Product Photography White Background

The main mistake when photographing a white product against a white background is to overexpose both foreground and background, making it difficult to know where the product ends and the background begins, like in the image below. Overexposed. A common mistake.

Set up a white product photography backdrop For best results, you want to shoot your products against a ‘sweep’, which is a white backdrop that seamlessly transitions from the vertical to the horizontal surface.

If you’re a commercial or fashion photographer, eventually you’ll run into a client who will ask to have their product, model, etc. to be placed on a perfectly white background.

4 tips for perfect white backgrounds in high key photography. Tip #1 – Use a Solid White Background to Eliminate Distractions. I used a big, white piece of paper as the background for this portrait of my twin nieces because anything natural for a background would have clashed with their colourful outfits.

Use three lamps, one on top, left and right for the best light. Insert a piece of white paper or cardstock behind your product. Turn off all other light sources in the room (including sun light) so that the lighting in your picture is consistent. When you are starting out, snap more photos than you think you’ll need.

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Before you start shooting, adjust specific settings on your camera first to. Done correctly, the resulting photo should give you a genuinely white background.

Need to shoot a product with a white background? Well, taking photos with a white backdrop can be tricky if your subject is white also. Watch this behind the scenes photography video to see how to photograph a white product with a white background.

A lifelong photographer who is also a photography instructor. a 2 1/4 film camera to shoot tighter portraits with a black background. This year he’s challenging himself creatively and using a 4 by.

Here you'll find our list of service offerings and product photography pricing for your review.. As an alternative to pure white backgrounds, we combine props, textured. We shoot your apparel on a mannequin, which is then removed from the.

Shooting on a white background doesn't always have the “go to” for product photography. You should aim to mix it up a bit and consider the uses of your product.