How to Brief a Marketing Agency

A marketing brief lays out the framework of a marketing initiative, so that a creative team, including the art director and copywriter, can carry out the plan.

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The same goes for marketing – if you’re not finding much success on your own, perhaps it’s time to seek the assistance of a professional. Imagine for a second that the marketing agency you want to brief is a dating agency, trying to match you with the best potential partners (customers).

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A marketing brief needs genuine thought. Depending on your previous marketing activities, you may need to do some research (or include this in the budget for the agency) to help you define your target market and appropriate communication channels. So what should go in the brief?

When it comes to influencer marketing, a lot of the content I’ve read over. schedule another call to go into details and brief them on the project like a client would brief their agency. Prior to.

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The creative brief serves as the documentation for the project’s objectives and how you’re going to achieve success-the "what" and "how", essentially. Marketing teams need to focus carefully on ROI to prove our worth. Creativity is often overlooked in this equation.

How to brief a marketing agency Oct 2, 2007. Why write a brief? There are three compelling reasons why it is worth writing a brief for every piece of work that you commission an agency to do: 1. Better work – A brief is the most important piece of information issued by a client to an agency. It.

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