How Much to Charge Per Hour for Freelance Web Design?

Freelance web designers rarely, if ever, charge an hourly rate. Instead, they usually charge based on some sort of pricing scheme, such as a fixed price for a basic page, and then add on more for extra features like a PHP/MySQL backend, etc.

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In my experience, I’ve known web/graphic designers and illustrators to charge anything between 20-60 per hour; web/software developers between 25-90 and copywriters to charge from 20 to 50 per hour.

How much do you charge per hour for freelance web design? dubstyleenation. Msg#:3747619 . 3:33 am on Sep 19, 2008. For work I do to an existing site where I have to quote an hourly rate it is $75 per hour. For new sites and projects I try and use value based pricing based on the concepts by.

Who Makes More Money Web Design or Graphic Design 99 Designs is aimed at businesses rather than consumers. Companies hold contests by submitting a design brief, and then designers enter their submissions for prize money. The company chooses the winner as well as a prize amount. Categories include logos, web design, merchandise and more.

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My Hourly Rates as a WordPresser and Web Designer.. Second, I now charge $25 per hour for hourly work and "additional feature requests". So far, my clients have been happy with that, and feel like they get a really good value because I’m quite efficient with my work.. I would like to.

A breakdown of South African Freelance Design Rates and Cost. What is acceptable when paying for creative work?. Here are the going hour-and daily south african freelance design rates. Above and beyond years, skills should also be considered.. Designers generally spend a good amount per.

How Much Should You Charge for Website Design? How much does web design cost and how much should you charge as a web designer for a website? Should you charge hourly, a flat fee, or a project fee? If you want to become a web designer or hire.

Hourly Rate for Web Design. Charging by the hour is a simple and straightforward way to handle freelance billing. Freelance web developers earn around $50 an hour. Charging per hour is great for new freelancers that don’t know how long individual projects will take them yet.