How Much do You Charge for Product Photography

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This is because cameras do so much of the work and you do not need to spend big money on higher megapixels (even though ‘quality’ goes beyond the size of a camera’s sensor). The reality is that there are thousands of more photographs available today than there ever has been.

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Photography product pricing can be difficult to determine. This post will shed light on how much you should be charging to make a profit.. Photographer’s Pricing Guide: Product Pricing.. If you do this, you can select a lower price to charge since people will in effect be creating their.

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I do product photography on a relatively small scale – generally table-top shots for people’s web sites. I’ve been charging an hourly rate, but am wondering if it would make more sense to charge per image.

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Included in the rate. That’s $50 USD per client. Next, use your profit margin to determine if the amount you’re paying for outsourced photo-editing work is worthwhile. In this case, you could consider including $70-$100 USD in your rate for the outsourced photo-editing work, which can yield a profit of $80-$200 USD.

What is Lifestyle Product Photography With lifestyle product photography, you’ll want to use color psychology to capture the right emotions for your product. You might have noticed that most electronics like desktops, phones and tablets are shot with a sleek black background.