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Instructional design is the art of creating engaging training experiences. It helps make information more digestible and improves the efficiency of learning. Instructional design is the difference between delivering training experiences and hoping your audience will extract the relevant learning.

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"Instructional design, also known as instructional systems design, is the analysis of learning needs and systematic development of instruction. Instructional designers often use Instructional technology as a method for developing instruction.

The Introducing the ASU Instructional Designers is a great instructional design infographic based on these finding and produced by Arizona State Univeristy (ASU). In addition, I highly encourage you to read the following 7 Instructional Design articles .

Instructional design (ID), also known as instructional systems design (ISD), is the practice of systematically designing, developing and delivering instructional products and experiences, both digital and physical, in a consistent and reliable fashion towards an efficient, effective, appealing, engaging and inspiring acquisition of knowledge.

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This means that an instructional designer might: design the learning experiences. design the images and do other graphic design work. produce and edit video and sound. assemble the learning experience in Storyline, Captivate or Glasshouse.

To really understand what instructional design is, it’s just as important to know what it is not. Instructional design is not computer science. It’s not programming or coding. It’s not one of the arts such as graphic design. Furthermore, a degree in instructional design is not an education degree like elementary or secondary education.

What is Instructional Design? According to the Instructional Design Central (IDC) website, instructional design has to do with the systematic process or processes in which instructional materials are designed, developed, and delivered.The instructional design field also has other terminology that is often interchangeable.

Although instructional design per se has nothing to do with computer programming or graphic design, these skills are extremely useful in producing effective curriculum, which is why usually individuals with such skills are included as part of the team designing courses.

However, around the Instructional Designer is a group of people who have done their work so that Instructional Designers can do theirs and others can eventually do theirs afterward. The really difficult thing is to get stakeholders involved, and the one who should lead and organize the different parts is the Instructional Designer.

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